About Adaptation Marketplace
Marketplace Concept
The Coral Triangle Adaptation Marketplace was developed to assist adaptation project developers find appropriate funding opportunities. It uses a "matchmaking" framework to link available funding to coastal and marine climate adaptation projects in an efficient and accessible format. Its function is to connect investors with project implementers according to available funding in an interactive and supported forum, thus increasing the numbers of adaptation initiatives implemented in the Coral Triangle region.
The Coral Triangleís marine and coastal ecosystems, people, and industries are highly vulnerable to climate change. Under the current climate change trajectory, the ability of the Coral Triangleís coastal environments to provide food for its local people could decline by 80% by 2100. Without action on global climate change and major investments in adaptation, it is estimated that around 100 million people will be severely impacted. Now that on one hand, funding is available though various organizations and mechanisms, while on the other hand, brilliant ideas of climate adaptation projects are abundant, the challenge is how to let both sides find each other. Thatís the challenge this Marketplace is meeting. The scope of the Coral Triangle Marketplace is limited to the Coral Triangle countries and Fiji.
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For more information download the project background one-pager here.
The Coral Triangle Adaptation Marketplace is a joint project of World Wildlife Fund and EcoAdapt supported by the Coral Triangle Support Partnership and USAID.